Ruby Tuesday

By justsaythesewords

October 5, 2009


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I find that Grapevine Mills Mall have a new play area for the kids. I know my three years old will be thrilled to play here. I’d better remember to bring quarters next time I visit this mall. My first Ruby Tuesday on this blog. Those aren’t my kids in the picture. They just happen to be there.

I think it should come with a soundtrack. You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift.


12 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. Very impressive phot which sends me down memory lane!

  2. Very cute ! Start saving quarters 🙂

  3. Does look inviting, that car! My daughter would have wanted a ride when she was three.

  4. These machines are far better than what required change in my (far) younger days. Stylish in ruby, at 3 or so, this would be the ride of a lifetime!

  5. That is as cute as can be!
    I’d love to take my granddaughters there.

    Mine’s here: Carletta’s Captures.

  6. a nice ride, and a red one too!

  7. Oh the kids will surely love this! Happy RT!

  8. My daughter loves those machines, but she’s often willing to just pretend without putting her money in – I like it better that way :).

  9. How cute, I used to let my girl ride these…Happy RT

  10. Sweet!!!!

    My R T is now posted. I do hope you can stop by sometime to visit with me….it’s a little bony this week for me, but there IS ruby. LOL

    Here’s the permalink: Ruby Tuesday [you’ll need to scroll down just a bit beyond my Tuesday’s Heads or Tails]

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