Skywatch Friday – Season 4 Episode 12

By justsaythesewords

October 5, 2009


Category: photo


My first entry to Sky Watch. I’ve always like this meme. The pictures are almost always happy, and spectacular. This is an early morning sky. It’s what I see when I walk my daughter in the morning to catch her bus. Which reminds me, I should sleep since my alarm will go off in 90 minutes! Ops, I did it again. Forgot to catch my 10-midnight bedtime deadline.


2 Responses to “Skywatch Friday – Season 4 Episode 12”

  1. What a nice morning photo! I don’t do mornings, so thanks!

  2. What a lovely morning picture! And lovely that you can remember to take time to enjoy the beauty while you and your daughter are walking to school. She’s had a good learning experience even before she gets there.!

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