L is For…

By justsaythesewords

October 6, 2009


Category: photo


L is for a my little girl, now a young lady. My entry for ABC Wednesday. She’s artistic, smart, creative, kind, thoughtful…she’s all that and more.  This was taken at a bench we waited one day for her bus.


9 Responses to “L is For…”

  1. And a Lovely young Lady she is! Thanks!

    Have a great day!


  2. She’s beautiful and I like her sensible school clothes.

  3. Perfect choice for the letter L. She is lovely.

  4. A beautiful young lady she is. Happy WW! ^o^

  5. that was cute and lovely

  6. I happened to post about my (younger) girl Lydia today. Lovely photo of yours.

  7. Very happy returns on her birthday!She is lovely!

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